• Holiday Gift Guide

    If finding the perfect University of Alabama gift is your goal for the holiday season, consider adding some pieces of clothing or accessories to the wish list. Using this holiday shopping guide, you can put your Alabama pride on display while bringing the holiday cheer. Any of these top-quality s...
  • Support Small Business

    Supporting small business means so much to us. We appreciate all of you that support our small business and our dream. Buy a "Support Small" shirt to show your support of the small businesses in Tuscaloosa.
  • Fish Hippie - Drift off course - Great shirts

    Fish Hippie makes some of the finest shirts we carry. The Shirt Shop carries them because of the style, selection, and quality – all traits we look for in any button downs or polos or t-shirts we carry. From the button downs to the collared polos, what you get with Fish Hippie is a shirt that ma...