• Peter Millar

    The Peter Millar line features high-performance fabrics and signature style that Shirt Shop customer come back for.

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  • Duck Head

    Duck Head has been a staple at The Shirt Shop since the '80s and it's still one of our top brands.

    Our customers love Duck Head's enduring quality and timeless style.

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  • Smathers & Branson

    The Shirt Shop has a variety of needlepoint accessories in several designs by Smather's & Branson from key chains, wallets, belts, hats and more! Of course you'll find Alabama's script A designs but we also carry the Grateful Dead dancing bears, and other fun designs.

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  • David Donahue

    The style, fit selection and quality of David Donahue dress shirts have won over many Shirt Shop customers over the years. If you're looking for an update you'll love this brand!

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