Support Small Business

Support Small Business

We have exciting news! We have partnered with SWAG, another local Tuscaloosa business, to help support small businesses and highlight the importance of small businesses in our community. SWAG has designed t-shirts to support Tuscaloosa's small businesses and you can show your support by purchasing one of their beautifully designed t-shirts!

When you support local businesses that money goes straight back into the local economy and provides for support for employees who live and work in our community. You also support a dream. As you all know, The Shirt Shop is locally owned and has been in the heart of Downtown Tuscaloosa for over 40 years. The Shirt Shop evolved from a dream to selling dress shirts to college students from the trunk of a car to the business it is today. From those summer days back in 1979 until now, serving our community has been the essence of our brand. 

When you shop local, you build friendships. We cherish your friendships and the support you have given to The Shirt Shop these past 40 years. We cannot wait to serve you for many more years to come. 

We hope that you will consider buying a t-shirt to support Tuscaloosa's small businesses.

Thank you for supporting our dream.


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