Fish Hippie - Drift off course - Great shirts

Fish Hippie makes some of the finest shirts we carry. The Shirt Shop carries them because of the style, selection, and quality – all traits we look for in any button downs or polos or t-shirts we carry.

From the button downs to the collared polos, what you get with Fish Hippie is a shirt that matches both active and casual lifestyles. Not all brands can blur the lines so they fit in at a wine tasting to then turn right around and perform for a day on the water. The comfort, the quality, the style all combine into shirts that everyone not only likes but truly appreciate when wearing.

Their new colors and patterns for the summer are awesome – they’re a little lighter in color, closer to pastels but still vibrant. The hats for the summer are sharp and comfortable.

It’s safe to say we brought the brand to Tuscaloosa (where we call home) because we are the first store to carry their lines here. Our thinking was these are shirts and hats we’d wear at the lake, at the beach, or Sunday lunch. The style of the button downs is a little more modern than some of the other shirts we carry, it’s a leaner and more athletic fit. So if you’re looking for something that’s a little more fitting, a little sleeker cut, or if you’re simply active then Fish Hippie is definitely for you. Add to it the style you get from fantastic patterns and awesome materials, every shirt in their line is special.

The comfort and quality of the shirts match right up with anyone that enjoys a little relaxing. Maybe that’s you and your lifestyle has some hints of the outdoors and you also have some taste in the finer things in life. We see their brand as one that can be balanced no matter the setting.